Book Review

Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons Book Review

So i read this book 1 year ago and just recently finished it, I know I know it took me too long but in the wise words of Baron you are not ready to learn anything till the paths have set it up for you. 
From my understanding after reading this book I realized that life is too deep for us to limit it to materialistic stuff, we shouldn't rely on happiness from materials instead we should value the things that really matter and bring us happiness. I would also like to express my gratitude for his most humble acknowledgement in his written Dedication for and of the Science Of Being Lightbearers World Center in this publication - it speaks volumes of professional "Divine Moral Integrity" in this day and age where it is sadly lacking.

If anyone is waffling on whether to buy this book, go with your gut. You won't regret it. This work is profound and the best book on the Law of Attraction you will ever read.